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To avoid bankruptcy, it is possible to transfer balance from one write_key to another.

Transfer API

Balance may be transferred from one write_key to another if the recipient write_key has a negative balance. You can use the transfer method to keep a write_key alive that you need for sponsoring a stream.

You cannot use a transfer to raise the balance associated with a write_key above zero - that is only possible by means of accurate prediction.

Balance bolstering methods

I suggest you look at the writer for convenient methods that can help you avoid bankruptcy. For example:

mw = MicroWriter(write_key='YOUR KEY HERE')
mw.put_balance(source_write_key='SOME OTHER WRITE KEY', amount=100.)

Or just ask

You can also just message me in the slack if you have a good stream you need to last a long time, or a prediction experiment where bankruptcy is proving annoying.


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