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The client assists use of the microprediction api for which a browser is provided at

  Task Method or function Full code example Video tutorial
A Create a write_key new_key python-1: Your first submission
B Publish one scalar value at a time, usually representing a live measurement. MicroWriter.set() python-4: Creating a stream
C Send 225 guesses of the next value of a stream, after a fixed quarantine period. MicroWriter.submit() python-2: Creating your first crawler
D Retrieve community predictions (PDF) 1min, 5min, 15min or 1hr ahead. MicroWriter.get_own_predictions() colab example

Someone wanting something predicted performs A, B and D. Someone providing predictions performs A and C (mindful of the reward mechanism explained in Collective Distributional Prediction).

An extremely fast way to get familiar with two of these four key pieces of functionality is provided in a notebook that you can open in colab and run on Google’s dime. This will create an identity for you and enter your algorithm in an ongoing contest to predict the next roll of a die.


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