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Publishing a stream

Everyone is doing it. Here’s how you can add to the list of streams.

1. Python

from microprediction import MicroWriter
mw = MicroWriter(write_key='YOUR WRITE KEY HERE')

See publish-using-python for more utilities and patterns.

2. R

httr::PUT(url = paste0("", 'my_stream.json'),
              body = list(write_key = 'YOUR WRITE KEY HERE', budget = 1, value = 3.1457))

See Fred Viole’s r_examples.

3. Julia

r = HTTP.request("PUT", "";
    "write_key" => 'YOUR WRITE KEY',
    value => 3.14157))

This example is from Rusty Conover’s Julia Client.

4. API

Send a PUT request to with the following parameters in the payload:

Before you publish

Get your writekey of difficulty 12 at least, and learn about bankruptcy.

After you publish


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